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Pilot Licence

A microlight can be flown in the UK with a National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL) which can be significantly more cost effective to gain than most other light aircraft pilot licences
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Medical Information

CAA Pilot Medical Declaration can be competed on the CAA website. You can also use a Class I or II.


To attain a UK NPPL(microlight) you must fulfil the following requirements before taking a General Skills Test flight with a local examiner:

  • 25 hrs Total Flight Time, of which:

    • 10 hrs is Solo

    • 3 hrs is Solo Cross-country

  • 1 Solo Qualifying cross-country flight of over 100nm or 2 40nm solo cross country flights.

  • 5 Ground Exams: Air Law, Human Performance & Limitations, Meteorology, Aircraft Technical and Navigation

  • Radio Practical Exam (optional)

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