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Trial Lessons

Experience the excitement of flight with a scenic air experience!

Trial Lesson Information

Trial Lessons are flight experiences which are tailored for people flying with us for the first time, either as a one-off experience or to begin a flight training course. We design them for you to experience being up in the air and given the controls of a Flexwing microlight for the first time. You will be taught the basics of flying the aircraft with a qualified flying instructor.

These experiences are highly recommended for birthday presents, Christmas gifts or other special occasions.

On the day of the flight you will be shown around the aircraft and given a briefing covering the basic aspects of flying and safety information. You'll then hop in and get airborne, being given control of the microlight soon after takeoff, taking in the great views of the British countryside while learning the ropes of flying our flexwing Pegasus Quik.


Vouchers for various flight durations can be purchased online below.


Please contact us with your order number to arrange a lesson at a convenient time and with any questions you may have.

Pegasus Quik Flexwing Microlight
Trial Flight_edited.jpg

Additional Info

  • Max Weight: 16 ST | 100kg

  • Min Age: 14

  • Flight Gear Provided

  • 7 Day Cancellation Policy

  • Vouchers Valid for 12 Months

  • Subject to Weather and Aircraft Serviceability

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