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PeaBee Sales

FlyingsCool is proud to be an authorised dealer of the Flylight PeaBee flexwing

As a result of FlyingsCool’s reputation of successfully instructing many Sub70 and fully licensed pilots to a high standard, allowing them to both safely and confidently enjoy their aircraft, I have been invited by Flylight’s Ben Ashman to be an authorised dealer for the PeaBee.


Ben Ashman is the brains and skill behind the research, development and manufacture of the Sub70 & SSDR PeaBee and Adam nano-light trikes.

I have flown a number of Sub70 nano-trikes, and the PeaBee has always left me with a big daft grin on my face - the fun factor is through the roof!

This is because they do everything they are asked to do very well.

After spending time with Ben and his team, my mechanical and engineering background has enabled me to see and understand Ben’s meticulous design and his team’s attention to the finest manufacturing detail, which is why the aircraft are so successful.

So I'm now very proud to say that I've agreed to be a dealer for all things PeaBee.

I can offer a "One Stop Shop"

Start your training with me at Sutton Meadows in my QuikR 2 seat trike, and we’ll work out together what configuration of wing, trike and engine would be best suited to the type of flying you intend to do.


You can place your order for your new trike and continue your training while your aircraft is being built.


When it arrives I’ll spend as long as it takes with you to ensure that you are fully competent and confident in building, dismantling and folding the wing up on the trike. I’ll then oversee you flying it until you’re able to flee the nest!


Afterwards you will always have me for backup and support for both the aircraft and your flying skills, and, who knows, you may want to progress your training with me to gain your full NPPL to enable you to fly 2-seat aircraft and take a passenger.

For more information, contact me or hit this link 🐝 to take you to the Flylight website. If you contact them, don't forget to mention that you’ve come through FlyingsCool.


PeaBee Key Facts

  • Factory built from £12,012

  • Aircraft empty weight of 61.4kg

  • Max airspeeds of 55mph/88kph

  • Power of 26hp at 8000RPM

  • Can fold to a length of 1.5m

More information on the PeaBee website here

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